Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Sampling from Vegan Comfort

Chef Sabali, 
local catering and cooking veganista, of
hosted her 
last night at
Pat Greer's Kitchen.
Awesomely good food, some of which will feed us at 
Nov. 17 at the Havens Center.
Chocolate Torte

Eggplant rolls

Butternut squash salad

Butternut squash soup

Almond green beans

Stuffed "Gobble Roast"

Stuffed Gobble Roast with white wine gravy, almond green beans and butternut squash salad - delish!

Banyan's Chipotle Tofu Vegan Egg Rolls

During last month's MoFo 2012, 
one of my local vegan business posts featured 
Tofu Fried Rice.
Banyan makes other very tasty totally vegan products as well, including these rolls I had for lunch and a snack.
Good and spicy.
More medium than hot to me, regardless of what the package says.
5 to a package for between $6. - 7. depending on where you shop,
Whole Foods or Central Market, 
and some of the larger HEB grocers.
Last week, WF had issues with their shelf pricing tabs,
store honored the misprints,
so I got a few packages for 1/2 price.
And, yes, they freeze well!
Better heated in the oven or on the stove to bring out the crispiness in the rolls.
Okay in microwave oven; just not crispy.
Loving local!