Thursday, January 26, 2012

Super Bowl Run Up - Jan 26 Super Bowls

Check out Rhea's
Tuesday blog entry, 
 featuring her
Super Bowl Party Menu
and shout out to her
New York Giants
on her site:
The "V" Word
Certainly got me in the 
Super Bowl mood!
January 26 Super Bowls:
SuperBowl 37 XXXVII
January 26, 2003
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48-21 Oakland Raiders
Super Bowl XXXVII was played on January 26, 2003 at Qualcomm Stadium in San DiegoCalifornia to decide the National Football League(NFL) champion following the 2002 regular season. The National Football Conference(NFC) champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12-4) won their first Super Bowl by defeating the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Oakland Raiders (11-5), 48–21.
National anthem sung by the Dixie Chicks

SuperBowl 31 XXXI
January 26, 1997
Green Bay Packers 35-21 New England Patriots
Super Bowl XXXI was played on January 26, 1997, at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion following the 1996 regular season. The National Football Conference (NFC) champion Green Bay Packers (16-3) defeated the American Football Conference (AFC) champion New England Patriots (13-6), 35–21. This was the Packers' third overall Super Bowl victory, and their first since Super Bowl II. The Packers also extended their league record for the most overall NFL championships to 12.
National anthem sung by Luther Vandross

SuperBowl 26 XXVI
January 26, 1992
Washington Redskins 37-24 Buffalo Bills
Super Bowl XXVI was played on January 26, 1992 at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion following the 1991 regular season. The National Football Conference (NFC) champion Washington Redskins (17–2) defeated theAmerican Football Conference (AFC) champion Buffalo Bills (15–4), 37–24. Washington became the fourth team to win three Super Bowls, joining the Pittsburgh Steelers, theOakland Raiders, and the San Francisco 49ers. The Bills also became the third team to lose back-to-back Super Bowls, joining Minnesota (Super Bowls VIII and IX) and Denver (Super Bowls XXI and XXII). They would go on to lose 4 straight.
National anthem sung by Harry Connick, Jr.

SuperBowl 20 XX
January 26, 1986
Chicago Bears 46-10 New England Patriots
Super Bowl XX was played on January 26, 1986 at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion following the 1985 regular season. The National Football Conference (NFC) champion Chicago Bears (18-1) won their first Super Bowl by defeating the American Football Conference (AFC) champion New England Patriots(14-6), 46–10. The Bears set Super Bowl records for sacks (seven) and fewest rushing yards allowed (seven). The Bears' 36-point margin over the Patriots was a Super Bowl record until Super Bowl XXIV (45). The Patriots were held to negative yardage (-19) throughout the entire first half, and finished with just 123 total yards from scrimmage, the second lowest total yards in Super Bowl history, behind the Minnesota Vikings(119 total yards) in Super Bowl IX.
National anthem performed by Wynton Marsalis
(no video)

So what did the foodie eat today?
Early court time for volunteer gig with
 Child Advocates, Inc.
Nourishing, quick, simple, easy
Green smoothie for breakfast
Watermelon, banana, dates, kale, cucumber, celery.

Spring rolls and sweet potato fries - finger food since I'm driving around.

mostly from my co-op order:
Hugh Jazz Salad
Romaine, red leaf lettuces, baby spinach, beets, carrots, orange bell pepper, pimentos, cherry tomatoes, walnut  and almond parmesan, crumbled black bean and brown rice sausage, topped with Engine2 basics dressing.
I belong to the most amazing food co-op,
Rawfully Organic.

Thank you, Kristina, and all of our
Rawfully Organic Co-operators
for making heathy fun.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

That's What Friends Are For

#1 Song on this day in 1985
Dionne Warwick and Friends

Happy Birthdays to
Stacy Lattisaw
Alicia Keyes
and the recently departed, great 
for sharing the gift of your great voice.

Found out yesterday that 
received four Academy Award nominations.
I enjoyed this movie, especially the way it explored the complexities of women's friendships.
"Through good times, bad times...
That's what friends are for..."

Blogging about good vegan food.
Today's breakfast
Another of the blueberry breakfast muffins
served alongside black bean and brown rice sausages 

Hugh Jazz Salad
Chopping romaine and green leaf lettuces
with Cranberry orange muffin 
Salad: romaine, green leaf lettuce, beets, orange bell pepper, sundried tomatoes, walnut parmesan, croutons, crumbled breakfast sausages, E2 basic dressing

(on the road since it's a volunteer duty day)
from my favorite vegan food truck
Green Seed Vegan
Porta panini - grilled portabella mushroom and sweet potato  panini
with a muffin from home.
(Yes, I love muffins!)

Then to answer phones for the winter membership drive during
Vegan World Radio
on KPFT, 90.1 Pacifica radio, Houston.

Check us out at

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RED TAILS - I OWE YOU ONE! and Happy Birthday Aaron Neville.

Wishing Aaron Neville a happy 61st birthday!

Love the songs he's done with his siblings, 
the great Neville Brothers,
yet my all time favorite is

This song is so multi-purpose for me, 
since I try to 'pay it forward' 
to thank those who came before me, 
who through their actions, allow me to do what I do, 
so I can pass it on.
Like the heroes that inspired one of my new favorite movies,

The Tuskegee Airmen
I have had the great privilege, honor and pleasure of 
having met some of these inspirational gentlemen
in my lifetime.
with Retired Lt. Col. Howard Baugh of the 99th fighter squadron, Tuskegee Airman

with Mr. Matthew Plummer and Lt. Col. Lee Archer and Col. Charles McGee of the 332nd Fighter Group, Tuskegee Airmen
We Owe You (more than) One!
Since this is a blog mainly about food,
here's my lunch for today.
I absolutely adore colorful food!
That's what left of yesterday's stir fry on the right
with one of the blueberry muffins
(yeah, still loving 'em).
On the left is Herbed Carrot and Baby Turnip soup

What I'm reading this week:
I highly recommend it.
Not just because President Kennedy's assassination was a defining moment of my childhood;
I was in 4th grade and remember assembling in the cafetorium where we were told of the tragedy in Dallas
and all bowed to pray for him and his family;
Nor because one of my son's also attended Choate...
Nor because I like Chris Matthews and watch his show...
I'm recommending it because it really is a good read.
You're welcome...

Monday, January 23, 2012


Happy Lunar New Year 2012 
Enter the Dragon!

On January 23, 2012, the legendary 
Dragon Year of the Chinese and Vietnamese zodiac 
soared forth, bringing us all 
new beginnings and good fortune! 
The Dragon's influence will shower the blessings of dynamic opportunity in all spheres of life. 
While celebrated for its power and wealth, the Dragon is also the vigilant guardian protecting all that we hold dear. 
The Dragon Year magnifies and amplifies all things
- both good and bad. 
So, it is cautioned in this Dragon Year to plan well and wisely.

Started off my Lunar New Year 2012 with a big green smoothie:
kale, celery, parsley, cucumber,
banana, melon, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries,
dates, ground flax seed
Breakfast green smoothie

Lunch was one of my favorite quick 'go-to' meals
Stir Fried Rice
saute onions, garlic and ginger in non-stick skillet
added chopped veggies;
whatever is on hand; I added 
broccoli, cauliflower and carrots
with a bit of tamari and water to help steam them soft.
then some orange bell peppers
and homemade veg bouillon cube and water
(used the chickny bouillon recipe from this book,
divided and frozen in Tablespoon-sized cubes
for quick use)

and finally added the brown rice,
thawed tofu strips, tumeric,
and chopped pimentos for the color.
Yummy lunch

Dinner was another of my "B__ A__" salads;
romaine & green leaf lettuces, chopped beets, carrots, bell pepper
topped with homemade walnut parmesan
(walnuts, nutritional yeast, miso blended in food processor)
and with Engine2 Basic Dressing
(Sorry, no salad photo today.)
Dessert: a Blueberry breakfast Muffin
(Had one earlier in the day for a midday snack.)
These are so good!
Banana, sweet potatoes, blueberries, oat flour... from
companion book to the brilliant documentary

Healthy, great tasting, cruelty free start to the Lunar New Year!
Bon Appetite, y'all.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vegan Heartland's 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

from Matthew (Vegan Heartland) at Vegan Heartland  
I'm so excited to do this giveaway for you all - you have no idea! I wish I was getting one of these prize packages. Since I'm celebrating my 1 Year anniversary with Vegan Heartland (and all of you!), I wanted to show my appreciation for all of my readers! Thank you for reading my blog, reading and preparing my recipes, leaving the nicest comments for me, and being there with me each step of the way. I love what I'm doing and the small amount of success that I've had is all thanks to you!! So what better way to thank you than throw some free stuff your way -right?! Each package is filled with some of my ALL TIME favorite products and companies! I contacted a few people who were more than happy to send me some products and coupons to give to you guys. So let me tell you guys which companies are represented in the prize packages...

At Turtle Island Foods, their Tofurky and tempeh products are created to promote the health and vitality of both the people and the ecosystems of our "island" home. For almost 30 years they have worked to create delicious, nutritious, convenient and affordable vegetarian food that make a difference in people’s lives and have a minimal impact on the environment. Turtle Island Foods, the makers of Tofurky, was kind enough to send me a package full of coupons, brochures, buttons, bumper stickers, and super cute temporary tattoos. They also sent me an amazing lunch box and t-shirt (that I totally wanted to keep...)!

BONUS ENTRY: "Like" Tofurky on Facebook
BONUS ENTRY: "Follow" Tofurky on Twitter


Gardein makes some of the best faux-meats on the market! Their Crispy Tenders are to die for and the best part is, nobody had to die for them! Plus, their Chick'n Scallopini is so versatile, you can use it in so many recipes! I have so many packages of Gardein products in my freezer right now it's crazy! I'm currently obsessed with their Chipotle Lime Chik'n Fingers! They're a super easy option for someone who works out and is seeking a diet high in protein like me!

BONUS ENTRY: "Like" Gardein on Facebook
BONUS ENTRY: "Follow" Gardein on Twitter

So Delicious

It's no secret that I love So Delicious. They make some of the best Dairy Free foods that you'll find anywhere. My favorite Non-Dairy milk is their Unsweetened Coconut Milk Beverage...I use it in almost all of my baking! It's so creamy and so delicious! And their frozen desserts are crazy good! Have you guys tried their Ice Cream sweetened with Stevia? The Butter Pecan flavor is amazing!

BONUS ENTRY: "Like" So Delicious on Facebook
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Earth Balance

Earth Balance just makes baking so much easier. Most margarines contain hydrogenated oils as the main ingredient, but Earth Balance stands apart. Earth Balance Natural Spreads are based on a proprietary blend of expeller-pressed oils developed and patented by researches at Brandeis University. They're 100% natural, rich in Omega-3's, free of GMO's, trans-fats, and hydrogenated oils. It's the perfect replacement for butter in all of your baking and cooking!

BONUS ENTRY: "Like" Earth Balance on Facebook
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Rhythm Superfoods

You've never had Kale chips like Rhythm Superfoods. Their flavors of Kale Chips include Zesty Nacho, Kool Ranch, Bombay Curry, Mango Habanero, and Texas BBQ! They also offer Sweet Potato Chips in Sea Salt and Hickory BBQ flavors. They're amazing! They start with farm fresh organic vegetables, season them with spices and dehydrate them at a low temperature for hours until they are crispy and delicious. This gentle process leaves the vital nutrients and enzymes intact, while delivering the amazing fresh flavors you can find in their kale chips and sweet potato chips.

BONUS ENTRY: "Like" Rhythm Superfoods on Facebook
BONUS ENTRY: "Follow" Rhythm Superfoods on Twitter

Organic Food Bar

As you all probably know - I've tried my hand at P90x. I've never actually finished the 90 days, but if you combine all of the times I've started it - I'm sure it equals 90 days! A major part of my daily diet while doing an intense workout plan are the Protein bars from Organic Food BarWith 22 grams of easy-to-digest organic protein from Organic Almond Butter and Organic Brown Rice, their Protein bar won't make you feel lousy like other refined protein bars do. This bar is just right for Vegans who are seeking more protein in their diets. Plus, they're Protein bar is also awesome for athletes who need to stave off muscle breakdown! Not only are the bars delicious, but Organic Food Bar is a 100% Solar Powered company and uses only FSC paper!

BONUS ENTRY: "Follow" Organic Food Bar on Twitter

Go Max Go Foods

Take a bite of a Go Max Go candy bar - and you're life feels complete. These guys mean business with their line of delicious and cruelty free candy. They offer 6 different types of candy from peanut butter cups to their Jokerz bar that contains caramel, peanuts, nougat, all covered in a rice-milk chocolatey coating - are you drooling now?! They also get bonus points for naming their company after Max, their dog that lived for 16 1/2 years!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

VegNews So Delicious So good

Year end shopping on New Year's Eve to utilize expiring coupons...
Good sale
 at both 
Whole Foods and Kroger
Hauled in:
Coconut almond ice cream
Unsweetened coconut milk - quart sized aseptic carton
Vanilla flavored coconut milk
Coconut Nog - my new love!
Unsweetened coconut milk - half gallon carton
Coconut milk creamer - plain and Hazelnut flavors
Vanilla coconut milk - 8 pack single serve cartons

First up,
homemade coconut milk ice cream
adapted from

Made the basic vanilla recipe 
subbing in vanilla coconut milk
and plain coconut milk creamer.
Freezing in the ice cream maker.

Homemade coconut ice cream.

Thank you, VegNews and So Delicious for the coupons!

Being vegan in the 21st century is 
so delicious 
thanks to companies like
So Delicious.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Black-eyed peas and Greens

Happy 2012!
Good intentions 
of again blogging regularly...

Had the traditional 
New Year's Day meal of 
Black-eyed peas and greens,


Made the Black-eyed pea fritters

Shaped into patties and sauteed instead of deep-fried 
as suggested in the recipe

Drained on paper towels

Served with
Collard green casserole

A twist on the
Mole Skillet Pie with Greens

The traditionalists among you are wondering 
"No cornbread? Greens without cornbread?"
The cornbread is the crust on top of the collards.
Or, in this photo, more mixed in with the collards.

Black-eyed peas and Greens for
Good Luck
Good Vegan Eating 
continuing in

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Habari gani? Imani!

What's the News on this last day of Kwanzaa 2011-12?

Welcome 2012!

Well, despite my intentions, did not blog during December.
They were good intentions, too!
comes to mind...

Plan was to at least blog for the 7 Days of Kwanzaa, and talk about the Nguzo Saba.
Kwanzaa yenu iwe na heri.
May your Kwanzaa be happy!

One of the things I love about Kwanzaa is the feeling of new beginnings at the end of the 7 days, 
and it coinciding with New Years Day.