Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RED TAILS - I OWE YOU ONE! and Happy Birthday Aaron Neville.

Wishing Aaron Neville a happy 61st birthday!

Love the songs he's done with his siblings, 
the great Neville Brothers,
yet my all time favorite is

This song is so multi-purpose for me, 
since I try to 'pay it forward' 
to thank those who came before me, 
who through their actions, allow me to do what I do, 
so I can pass it on.
Like the heroes that inspired one of my new favorite movies,

The Tuskegee Airmen
I have had the great privilege, honor and pleasure of 
having met some of these inspirational gentlemen
in my lifetime.
with Retired Lt. Col. Howard Baugh of the 99th fighter squadron, Tuskegee Airman

with Mr. Matthew Plummer and Lt. Col. Lee Archer and Col. Charles McGee of the 332nd Fighter Group, Tuskegee Airmen
We Owe You (more than) One!
Since this is a blog mainly about food,
here's my lunch for today.
I absolutely adore colorful food!
That's what left of yesterday's stir fry on the right
with one of the blueberry muffins
(yeah, still loving 'em).
On the left is Herbed Carrot and Baby Turnip soup

What I'm reading this week:
I highly recommend it.
Not just because President Kennedy's assassination was a defining moment of my childhood;
I was in 4th grade and remember assembling in the cafetorium where we were told of the tragedy in Dallas
and all bowed to pray for him and his family;
Nor because one of my son's also attended Choate...
Nor because I like Chris Matthews and watch his show...
I'm recommending it because it really is a good read.
You're welcome...

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