Tuesday, January 3, 2012

VegNews So Delicious So good

Year end shopping on New Year's Eve to utilize expiring coupons...
Good sale
 at both 
Whole Foods and Kroger
Hauled in:
Coconut almond ice cream
Unsweetened coconut milk - quart sized aseptic carton
Vanilla flavored coconut milk
Coconut Nog - my new love!
Unsweetened coconut milk - half gallon carton
Coconut milk creamer - plain and Hazelnut flavors
Vanilla coconut milk - 8 pack single serve cartons

First up,
homemade coconut milk ice cream
adapted from

Made the basic vanilla recipe 
subbing in vanilla coconut milk
and plain coconut milk creamer.
Freezing in the ice cream maker.

Homemade coconut ice cream.

Thank you, VegNews and So Delicious for the coupons!

Being vegan in the 21st century is 
so delicious 
thanks to companies like
So Delicious.

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