Sunday, September 25, 2011

Super Green Smoothies

My favorite local oldies show, Listening Back on KTSU, played a string of ballads on Friday, from Aretha singing Oh Me Oh My, I'm a Fool for You Baby
to Sammy Davis, Jr. belting out Mr. Bojangles.

So it has been an oldies ballads music weekend.

The heat returned today like it was still summer, although autumn officially arrived last week!
Feels to hot to cook, so this is a raw day.

First up, green smoothie for breakfast.

Listening to balladeers, the Dells, singing Always Together:
"I made up my mind, years ago, when I first gazed upon you I'd never let you go."

Kind of how I feel about eating a good, cool, just-picked watermelon...

Here's my local organic watermelon.
 Some organic dates from the Date People, in Cali (I bought a case when they were in season during winter, and have a few left). They make a good, natural sweetener.
Yes, inquiring minds, the watermelon is sweet on its own.
This is a green smoothie, made super by my favorite greens, collards,
which will benefit from the sweetness of the dates.
Aren't these gorgeous!
Chop up the greens, de-pit the dates, cut up the watermelon.
Then into the Vitamix, they all go.
And out comes my super green smoothie!

Drink up!

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