Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 15 NaBloPoMo Timing

Day 15 Prompt
Do you usually run late, early or on time?
Depends on event, situation, commitment, person(s) I'm meeting, whatever.
For flights, trains, travel situations where I'm not navigating, most often early,
So I can get a seat, or not be rushed.
Court for my volunteer advocacy work, early so I can park where I like,
And be there for docket call.
Medical appointments, on time usually, maybe early first time,
Or at unfamiliar location.
When I worked for pay, on time of course, with the occasional flex in early,
So whomever I was relieving from duty could give me a good briefing and get out of there.
Sporting events, on time, cause I like to be there for the singing of
Out National Anthem.
(One of my favorite renditions, the late great Marvin Gaye singing)

Hanging out, clubbing, etc., usually late, sometimes "fashionably late" -
Madame has to make an entrance!

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