Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 16 NaBloPoMo Hay Rides

Day 16 Prompt
Tell us about your ideal hayride. What would you bring? Who would be there?
Haven't done an authentic hayride in YEARS...
Last one was 5-6 years ago, while vacationing in Atlantic City, NJ area.
The pre- & post- wine tasting enhanced the fun factor,
and lessened the temperature chilliness.
Then there was the one 10 years ago in my community.
Took my good friend's 3-year old daughter,
who seemed more fascinated by the diaper catching the horse poop than the ride itself.
Was in a residential neighborhood, along streets; so poop control essential.
IDEAL Hayride? Hmmm...
Would be an authentic hayride, rural or country setting,
somewhere where the seasons change enough that leaves change color
and we could enjoy that and jump off the wagon to admire the scenery.
Hot chocolate with/without marshmallows, warm spiked apple cider, wine...
Delicious finger foods, like spring rolls, hand pies, wraps, mini-pies/cakes
All Vegan of course!
And since my fellow S.L.U.T.s
(Stressed-out Ladies Unwinding Together)
have not had the pleasure of experiencing authentic Autumn/Winter hayrides,
I'd invite them along.
And, yes, Mr. Majestically Magnificent, you're coming too!

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