Friday, October 3, 2014

Nutmeg. Texas Go Vegan Week Day 3 Loving Hut

Doing NaBloPoMo this month, again trying to blog daily, 
as with VeganMoFo in September.
Today's question: What smell says autumn for you?
Nutmeg is the smell heralding "Autumn" for me!
Fall was when my maternal grandmother and her sisters would go into overdrive baking mode,
pies, cobblers, dumps, cakes, casseroles...
Spices were always freshly grated, by hand, then, pre-electric grater/food processor days.
One of my chores was grating nutmeg, so the smell is forever associated with pleasant memories
And good home cooking!

Day 3
Using my 10% off coupon at Loving Hut!

Guru Fried Rice
Bar-B-Q rolls with peanut sauce

Spreading the Vegan message!

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