Friday, September 26, 2014

Sophie's Kitchen Vegan seafood

1st Friday of Fall 2014
Last Friday of MoFo 2014
Seemed like a good time for seafood.
Fellow Vegan MoFo blogger and_i_say at A Little Vegan Blog in Big Ol' Texas
wrote about Gardein Fishless Fillets on Day 23.
One must need a reservation to find those in stores, 
cause my closest WF was out...again...

So I settled on Sophie's Crab Cakes, 
sautéed with shredded potatoes, from my farmer's market haul posted couple days ago.
The disc on my food processor is excellent for shredding vegetables.
Next time, I'll try the spiralizer, or Veggetti, to see how they compare.

Taste was okay for store bought instead of homemade, less 'seafood-y' than I remember crab cakes tasting.
But hey, it has been 11+ years.
If I buy them again, will definitely 'dress them' more.
Maybe marinade in Old Bay Seasoning...

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