Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Brunch Radical Eats

It's Sunday, 2014 MoFo Day 21.
Meeting friends for brunch buffet at formerly all-vegan, 
now mostly vegan/vegetarian, with some omni-offerings made in separate kitchen,

Started off with waffles, watermelon and bread pudding.

Followed by stuffed bell pepper, with side of homemade tortilla chips, salsa & cheese.

Bahn-mi, black beans and purple breakfast potatoes, with more waffles on the side.

Yes, purple breakfast potatoes...delicious!

Wouldn't be southern Sunday brunch without biscuits and gravy.

Huge Thank You to Radical Eats' Proprietress, Chef extraordinaire, visionary, 
Staci Davis,
for keeping it real with good, hearty vegan eats

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