Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Washington DCs Woodlands Vegan Bistro

What a great month of Vegan MoFo!
Grateful to the organizers, bloggers and sponsors for food, fun
And the cruelty-free good time!

the mainly west coast chain serving up delicious vegan eats, 
and my go to restaurant when flying to/through LAX,
debuted in DC this weekend. 
My 82 year old cousin, celebrating his 6 month vegan-versary, had lunch at the 
Native Foods soft opening on Saturday, his first time eating at one of their places.
He forgot to take pictures, being a new vegan and all.
He says good crowd, okay location more geared toward weekday workers than people driving in,
though they plan to open a couple more in the Washington metro area,
yet only okay food,
a bit bland for his native Southerner tastebuds.
He knows vegan can be tasty,
since he cooks it that way at home,
and it is served that way at his favorite DC restaurant,
He shared it with me during my visit last month, and I did get pictures!
Sweet potato cheesecake, eggplant parmigiana, zucchini and collards.

Cornbread, strawberry cheesecake, Mac & cheese, collards, vegan beef & broccoli over brown rice.

Okra, vegan beef & broccoli over rice, eggplant parmigiana. 

Mac & cheese, collards, vegan beef & broccoli over brown rice.

This is his go to dining choice, eat-in or take out, where he tries to go at least weekly, 
To support the business, and because "the food is so Good!"
Woodlands Vegan Bistro
also serves it deliciousness via
Food Truck!


  1. Oh man, that all looks so incredible!

  2. Have to agree with my cousin, best vegan eats in DC!