Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rainbow Salad for Vegan MoFo 2011 - Day 2

Welcome to Day TWO of this year's Vegan Month of Food - aka Vegan MoFo!

 We are finally having successive days of beautiful Fall weather, thanks, in part, to a phenomenon we had not seen in a while,
actually falling from the sky,
 last Thursday evening.
Enough to refill my rain barrels!
Oh yes, that's how I remembered the name for it -
And yes, I did run out and dance in it. 
After months of dancing to get it to finally come, 
(tune up the mighty, mighty Temptations crooning
...Oh how I wish that it would rain...)
had to show my appreciation...

No rainbow, that we could see in the dark, though.

So, whipping up a colorful rainbow salad, today, to celebrate.
(tune up Gene Chandler crooning out 
Rainbow 65,
...and I just wanna ask you one thing, baby...)

(And, because I'm semi-resting after yesterday's activities.)

Romaine and red leaf lettuce from my co-op order.

 Chopped lettuce.

Some chopped beets, for color, and because I love 'em!

Houston's drought has taken its toll on my gardens, especially the tomato plants.
I harvested the last of the sungold cherry tomatoes.

These beauties taste divine
They are so well named, 'cause eating them freshly picked is about as close as you'll get to ingesting golden sunshine and living to share the experience.

From The Nutritional Yeast Cookbook,
made up some Hikory bits for a bit of protein, and because they taste good.

Dressed it with the E2 Basics Dressing from
The Engine 2 Diet.

Topped it off with my 
Walnut Parmesan Recipe
1 cup chopped walnuts
4 TBS nutritional yeast flakes
2 TBS miso

Finely chop walnuts in food processor. 
(Take care to not overprocess or you'll have walnut butter, 
which is good, but not for this recipe.)

Add nutritional yeast, and pulse to mix.

Add miso,

pulse until well mixed.

Store covered in refrigerator
Makes 1 1/2 cups.

Rainbow Salad

A nutritionally intense meal unto itself.
Random nutrient info:
B12 from the nutritional yeast in the dressing, bits and walnut parmesan.
Omega 3s from the walnuts
Fiber from the greens, walnuts, wheat germ in the dressing
Protein from the TVP in the bits, wheat germ in the dressing, and walnuts
Lutein from the tomatoes
Vitamin C from the citrus in the dressing
and on and on...
(tune up Gladys Knight and The Pips jamming
On and On
...Bet your life I'll be, a better woman you'll see...)

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