Friday, October 7, 2011

Vegan MoFo Seven - Delirious Ice Cream

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Welcome to Vegan MoFo Seven -
Day 7 of Vegan Month of Food 2011

High temperature today was only
90 degrees!
Could the heat wave be finally dissipating.
(tune in Martha and the Vandellas
Heat Wave.)

To celebrate, 
I revisited my summer 2011-months-of-100-degree-heat-
extreme-drought-climate-change-coping strategy, 
and made

(tune in Eddie Murphy's 
Ice Cream Skit 
from Delirious)
(for adult ears only so speakers on low, please)

From Wheeler Del Toro's 
The Vegan Scoop

came the basic recipe for vanilla ice cream,
substituting So Delicious' 
coconut milk and coconut French vanilla creamer
for the soy milk and creamer in the recipe.

 Heated it on the stove

Into the ice cream maker it goes

 Ice Cream churning

 Ice Cream!

Individual bowls for the freezer

I've made this many ways, with soy milk and creamer, almond milk and soy creamer...
The coconut milk and creamer version is absolutely my favorite.

(tune in Sly and the Family Stone jamming
Hot Fun in the Summertime.)

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