Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 15 - What's Going On?

Welcome to Vegan MoFo Fifteen
- Day 15 of Vegan Month of Food 2011

World wide demonstrations in support of the 
Wall Street Occupiers 
take some of us back to the activism of the 60s and 70s.
The question, and anthem, was, as it is today
best put by the balladeer himself, the great

(tune in, what else, Marvin's 
What's Going On?
(...You know we've got to find a way to bring some understanding here today...)

More finger food for the masses, this time from 
Bryant Terry's 

Black-eyed Pea Fritters

Soaking the peas overnight

Tweaked the recipe a bit, 
subbing salt-free Spike for the sea salt,
and ripe, organic red bell peppers for the green
because green bell peppers don't agree with some folk.
Eliminate the coconut oil, since we're not frying them.
Instead, we're lowering the fat content by baking them,
using, yes, once again, 
our multi-purpose cupcake maker.

24 luscious, good to you and for you, 
black-eyed pea fritter cakes.
(not quite fat-free because of the peanuts in the batter)

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