Monday, October 3, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 3 -Finger food and a Cupcake Maker

Welcome to Day 3 of Vegan MoFo 2011!
Busy week for me, especially in the evenings.
Tonight, it's the bi-monthly meeting of the 
my couture sewing group, making fabric into fashion.
(tune in Madonna's Vogue)

Later in the week, it's college fairs, recruiting for my undergraduate alma mater
the Scarlet Knights of
(tune in RU's fight song
...Upstream, Red Team...)
Rutgers University
Jersey Roots, Global Reach
 (tune in RU's alma mater
...on the Banks of the Old Raritan, my friend...)

Best way to stay the vegan course is to plan ahead
and have your own food. 
Just in case you find yourself in the minefields of carnism with a growling stomach...
Today I'm doing finger foods, 
that travel well, 
and still taste good when I get hungry.

Susan Vs fat-free vegan blog 
is one of my all-time favorites.
Her recipes are easy to follow, always tasty, 
beautifully photographed and
 Husband and kid tested, too, if that matters to you. 
 We fell in love with her 
mini-crustless tofu quiches 
when she first published the recipe.
They have become one of our go-to finger foods.
However, they need to be baked!
Or do they?

Having braved what will surely turn out to be the hottest summer/fall on record, to date,
the weather in Houston has cooled some,
(the days only get into the low 90s) 
yet not enough to warrant overheating the house by turning on the oven.
 What's a veganista to do?
 Once again, 
cupcake maker 
to the rescue!

Susan's recipe yields 12 mini-quiches when baked in regular size muffin tins.
My mini-cupcake maker 
yielded 18.

And, they cook up bite sized
so no worries on
mushroom bits stuck in the front braces!


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