Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vegan MoFo Five - Slow Cooker 2

 Welcome to Vegan MoFo Five
Day 5 of Vegan Month of Food 2011
Last night's college fair hosts were generous in their offering of a light dinner for the college representatives, including vegan options!
What a long and winding road we Vegans have traveled to have vegan food offered at a high school event.
(tune in The Long and Winding Road,
The great Beatles crooning 
with the Spector orchestration
The great Aretha Franklin's version
...Many times I've been alone, many times I've cried...
anyhow you'll never know, all the things I tried...
Both awesome.)

Being the gracious Southern Belle that I am,
I thanked the hosts profusely for their having been so considerate as to offer Vegan options.
And for the penne pasta in marina sauce 
(cheese on the side)
and garden salad
(again, dressing on the side, thank you).
There was a platter of red onions left over,
intended for garnishment one supposes
(I live in Tejas, remember),
which the hosts offered, and I, again graciously, accepted.

Red onions from the fair, new potatoes and kale in my co-op box,
what's a Belle to do?
Potatoes and Kale Enchiladas
with Roasted Chile Sauce

"...Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F..."
My slow cooker should be able to handle this.
(tune in Graham Central Station's
Can You Handle That?
( can you handle that...Yeah...)

Chopped onions for the chile sauce
Simmering sauce
Immersion blender to puree the cooled sauce

Ingredients for the Potato and Kale filling
Steaming the Filling

Softening the tortillas

Layering the enchiladas in the slow cooker
atop a layer of sauce

Layer of Sauce tops the slow cooker

4 hours on low, ready to eat!

 True, the tortillas are not as crisp as when this dish is oven-baked. Actually they are not crisp at all, 
more the consistency of lasagna noodles, 
which I have also slow cooked during this summer of 
record setting weeks of 100+ degree heat and drought conditions.
Why tax the AC even more? 
And, it tastes amazingly good!

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