Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vegan MoFo Four - Cupcake Maker Finger Food part 2

 Welcome to MoFo Four
Day Four of Vegan Month of Food 2011.

College fairs began today.
Gives me the chance to talk up something near and dear to me,
my alma mater
Yeah, I'm in a Rutgers State of Mind
(...RU, the college where dreams are made of...
we will make you feel brand new, these Knights will inspire you
let's hear it for RU...)

And on the road, in need of more 
finger food to go with yesterday's
mini-crustless tofu quiches 
from SusanV's blog
Keeping it easy, I went back to 
SusanV's blog 
for another favorite,
combining one of my favorite vegetables,
sweet potatoes,
whose sweetness is truly my weakness,
(tune in Barry White singing,
Your Sweetness is My Weakness
(...they don't know like I know...Like a Mona Lisa hanging on a wall...)
with falafels 
('cause I really like Middle eastern cuisine)
for her
Sweet Potato Falafels

I steamed the sweet potatoes, so they'd be nice and moist,
and, due to daytime temps still hugging the 90s,
pressed the cupcake maker
 into service.
Left off the tahini sauce, since these were just fine as is.
Veganista munchie nirvana - yes!

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